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Skincare Jargon

Skincare Jargon

  Stoic Beauty is centered between clinical efficacy and time-tested ingredients.  It is the balance between traditional botanicals and innovative actives. But what does that mean? The world of cosmetics can be daunting. There are a lot of products claiming to do a lot of things. There are ...
Concepts of Beauty | Stoic Beauty

Concepts of Beauty | Stoic Beauty

We’ve all seen beauty trends come and go. We’ve seen the outfits, the perms, the thin and thick eyebrows. Where do these trends go and who is deciding what standard we are supposed to hold ourselves to? There’s a lot to say about beauty. Is it conceptual or actual? Is it a physical attribute? An...
Stacked books creating a window to view a library

Stoic Beauty's Reading, Watching, and Listening List

Well, February sure can be a slog - wouldn’t you agree? Here in Toronto, the snow has been coming down and the big inside of this pandemic winter feels more real than ever. Maybe we’ll miss it when it’s gone? Or maybe we’re almost there – and should just keep our heads down till spring?
How Conscious Skin Care is a lesson in Stoicism

How Conscious Skin Care is a lesson in Stoicism

This year has tested all our abilities to remain strong amidst the chaos. My offering is to acknowledge and expect the storm while building the rituals that centre and protect you I’ve always loved being a low fuss kind of gal. Identifying with beauty and femininity when the mood struck me- inst...

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