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Meet the Team

Meet Stoic Beauty's team and contractors. From all walks of life and backgrounds we come together with a passion to help our customers and take care of the planet. 


Stoic Beauty Co-Founder Maria Wodzinska

Maria Wodzinska

Co-Founder/ Director of Operations & Brand Development

Maria, Co-Founder and Operations Director created Stoic Beauty in 2020, with the goal of a sustainable water-safe beauty brand that supports folks in their wellness and skincare goals. This brand is a love letter to her family and mother, the master chemist and genius formulator. Born in Spain and raised in Boston and Toronto. 


Stoic Beauty Co-founder Jolanta Wodzinska

Jolanta Wodzinska PhD

Co-Founder/ Director of Research & Development

Jolanta Wodzinska, Co-Founder and Head of Formulation was born in Poland, leaving for Spain in the 80's with her husband Stefan Wodzinski. She received her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Toronto, and post-doc at MIT. Dr. Jolanta has over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked closely with toxicologists in small molecule drug development. She knows very well how strict the rules are for water safety in pharmaceuticals -- she's passionate about bringing this rigour to the beauty space. Her expertise includes drug discovery and preclinical evaluation, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, protein chemistry and bio-conjugation.

Mariia (Masha) Veriutina 

Lab Technician

Mariia joins us as a New Canadian from the Ukraine. She is passionate about creating beautiful things. Welcome Masha!



Illustrator Erin McCluskey

Erin McCluskey


Erin is an artist working in Toronto, Canada. With a background in Illustration and Theatre, she creates images that exist on paper, walls, objects, spaces, and stages. Erin is interested in using imagery as an opportunity to explore the world. 


(Pug) Zilla & Tom Tom
Co-Directors of Pro-wrinkle Pupaganda


Tom Tom joined Maria and her husband in 2019, shortly followed by his sister Zilla. These two pups run-a-muck and working closely with Elizabeth and Maria, consulting on pro-wrinkle communications. Their fellow Team SB pups Oliver and George ensure high morale for all. 



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