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Stoic Beauties


Objects that bring us Calm

Objects that bring us Calm

Stoic Beauty values the power of intention. When visiting the lab, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch Maria in action. I was luckily able to catch this moment in our bathsalt production. The value of intention is what makes calming objects so peaceful.
Can you Prevent Stretch Marks and practice Body Neutrality?

Can you Prevent Stretch Marks and practice Body Neutrality?

Body Neutrality | Stretch Mark Edition Growth spurts, weight fluctuation, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and myriad bodily changes can result in stretch marks decorating the body. I first noticed my own stretch marks beginning their life on my chest during puberty. At first I panicked. I was taugh...
A woman of colour receives a shoulder massage

What to use for massage oil?

Let's talk massage! (Not Sexy I Just Have Chronic Back Pain) The practice of massage, and use of massage oils is often sexualized and/or seen as a shameful indulgence. This is ultimately due to the centre of the venn diagram in people's minds: ‘massage’ and ‘sex’ containing aspects of sensuality ...

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