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What is water-safe skincare? Water-safe is more than just avoiding microplastics! We love getting the question  because the more questions we ask, the more responsible the skincare industry is forced to become. Water-safe is a standard we have created for ourselves for clean beauty+. We use the motto of anydoubtleaveitout. Meaning if the science is unclear or there is too much debate over how safe an ingredient is in our water systems, we don’t formulate with those ingredients. This is about more than microplastics. This includes but is not limited to: 
  • silicones
  • tricolsan
  • endocrine disrupting chemical filters
  • mineral oil
  • petroleum by-products
  • disodium EDTA
  • phenoxyethanol
  • formaldehyde releasing preservative systems
  • parabens
  • polyethylene glycols
It’s hard to do, but we’re up to the task: complex science simplifies skincare!
Featured in this beauty roundup with Shaby Dassi this morning on CTV Your Morning. Products featured in this segment are Eos Morning Mist, Apokathairo Natural Chemical Exfoliant, Harmonia Balancing Cream, and Chryso Regenerative Serum.













Thanks Libby Roach for highlighting our fall season favourites! Libby has featured three of our best-selling products: Apokathario natural AHA/BHA exfoliator, Harmonia Balancing Night Cream, and our Holiday launch Chryso Regenerative Serum. All three products are great to use as the seasons transition to cooler temperatures. 



Elle Canada highlights Thalassa Stoic Beauty's Fall Launch


Thalassa Hydrating Face & Scalp serum made her royal debut in Elle Magazine's top 20 notable beauty products released in October 2022. This face and scalp serum offers triple action hydration, with hyaluronic acid, clary extract and glycerin drawing moisture to the skin you will have a youthful plump glow.

A hydrating serum pairs beautifully with an oil serum or moisturizer. We recommend trying Thalassa with our Chryso Regenerative Serum.

Clin d'oeil Blue Gold

Stoic Beauty soin a peau pour tousMerci à tous nos fans francophones! Clin D'oeil a présenté les soins de la peau STOIC BEAUTY comme de l'or bleu - soulignant notre engagement envers la sécurité et la protection de l'eau. Vous pouvez utiliser notre brume matinale Eos toute l'année, mais nous recommandons particulièrement ce produit en été. Lorsque vos journées sont occupées à profiter du beau temps, vaporisez une ou deux pompes le matin pour vous préparer à une journée pleine d'énergie !
Thank you to all of our French fans! French magazine Clin D'oeil has featured Stoic Beauty Skincare as Blue Gold - underlining our work towards water safety and protection of our water systems. You can use our Eos morning mist year round, but we especially recommend this product in the summer. When your days are busy catching the beautiful weather, spritz one or two pumps in the morning to get yourself ready for an energy filled day!

Breakfast Television Loves Stoic beauty Skincare
Breakfast Television features Stoic Beauty Products 
Thank you beautiful Jacqueline Darling for featuring our water-safe, pregnancy-safe skincare products as the perfect gift for that Mom-to-be.

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