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Science-Backed Bakuchiol!

Science-Backed Bakuchiol!

Though not a novel ingredient in the east, Bakuchiol is popping up and trending in the beauty world in North America.

Traditionally, Bakuchiol has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, as well as in Japan & Korea, for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is plant-based, originating from the psoralea corylifolia plant. Specifically, the seeds of this plant have been used in treating a wide application of skin conditions, with dermatologist Leslie Baumann citing its use in treating psoriasis & vitiligo. Recently you might have been hearing more about this plant-based ingredient in skincare for reducing visible signs of aging. Why? Because it is proving to be a fantastic retinol alternative!

We all know retinol can be an amazing ingredient, but some people either can’t use it (think pregnancy or breastfeeding), want a vegan alternative, or their skin just can’t tolerate it. 

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, has both over the counter and prescription drug strength applications. It's mode of action is to stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibres. Collagen, also a trending beauty term, is what keeps your skin youthful and supple. Thus retinol can improve skin elasticity - but, starting with a retinol can produce adverse side affects such as scaling and flaking, especially in sensitive skin types.

Scores of people have scoured the internet for Retinol Alternatives. And with that… along comes Bakuchiol!

Bakuchiol is a much gentler ingredient than retinol, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Retinol is typically used in skincare routines to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but is notorious for its side effects: skin irritation, redness, and flaking. Retinol works by promoting cell and collagen production, which Bakuchiol also does, but without these negative side effects.

A 2019 study at the British Journal of Dermatology saw no functional difference in wrinkle reduction between retinol and Bakuchiol, making this ingredient highly sought after!

We at Stoic Beauty have been following the literature closely and can see that this ingredient is much more than the latest trend. We've formulated a luxurious regenerative serum featuring not only Bakuchiol but a Ceramide Complex that helps restore and regenerate the skin's moisture barrier. And if you are still hooked on retinol, that's ok! Studies have shown that using Bakuchiol and retinol based products at the same time can help to sooth the side-effects of the retinol, so these products play nicely together. Consider a sandwiching technique: layer the Chyrso serum with Bakuchiol first, allow it to absorb, and follow with a stronger retinol.



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