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Best Natural Ingredients for Rosacea

Best Natural Ingredients for Rosacea

What are the best natural ingredients for rosacea? In this third and final blog post on the formulation of our Harmonia Golden Chamomile Night Cream. This series shone a spotlight on several ingredients that help reduce facial redness and provide deep moisturization to sensitive skin. Today, we...
Two argan fruits with argan oil

Argan Oil for Rosacea

Argan Oil plays a role in reducing redness, inflammation, stimulates wound healing and repair of the damaged skin barrier function. It is a beloved cultural staple in many beauty regimes. It has a celebrity following all over the world, even with adventurous tree-climbing goats.
Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Scratching the surface online, I found a lot of interesting possible natural treatments. One of them is extract from a plant called Chrysanthellum indicum which I found reading a blog post by David Pascoe who started the Rosacea Support Group. Very promising and interesting discussion followed h...

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