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An Invitation to Learn to Rest

An Invitation to Learn to Rest


One of the things I have been working on on the advice of a professional is learning to rest.

I am a chronic workaholic; sometimes to the point of burnout, which is something a lot of us this year especially, have specifically been struggling with. I should elaborate on what this looked like for me Sept-Dec 2021. This September, I started a Graduate Certificate Program full-time (projected 30-40hrs a week); while working full-time, 9 am-5 pm with Stoic; and on top of this, I had been in and out of the hospital with a throat/tonsil infection that would not kick it- no matter what we tried. My work (school/professional) commitments came to 80hrs a week + medical needs (sleeping), which ate up approx. 24hrs as I was running fevers on-and-off every day for six months and had been on 7-8 rounds of antibiotics.

I was run ragged. Maria had to meet my availability (which was not ideal for us), and I felt I was constantly letting everyone down. My therapist, program, advisors, mentors, parents, and boyfriend were all concerned; something needed to change. So I took a step back, put the next school semester on pause, withdrew from my volunteer commitments, and tried to invite balance back into my life, which was great. But there was one problem. I didn't know how to rest.

So I have challenged myself to learn to rest, and I want to invite you on this discovery journey. For the next six weeks, I will give you an inside look into what I am doing to slow-down and recharge lean-into winter, heal, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

But, you might be asking, wait, what does this have to do with Stoic Beauty and Skincare?

To put it simply. Everything. The Stoic ethos is "the path is through". To be a better employee, friend, partner, and person on this earth, I must learn to slow the wheel. Learn to invite deep thinking, healing, and rest. It is through rest that we heal ourselves. Through rest that we develop the skills to heal our planet. Through rest, that we learn to live with the land instead of on. Beauty and skincare go beyond surfactants and ingredients for us at Stoic, it extends into a beautiful life, beautiful experiences, and beautiful choices. If you want to join me sign up for our newsletter and watch for the Learning to Rest Series. 

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