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An Invitation to Learn to Rest

An Invitation to Learn to Rest

One of the things I have been working on on the advice of a professional is learning to rest.I am a chronic workaholic; sometimes to the point of burnout, which is something a lot of us this year especially, have specifically been struggling with. 
Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Scratching the surface online, I found a lot of interesting possible natural treatments. One of them is extract from a plant called Chrysanthellum indicum which I found reading a blog post by David Pascoe who started the Rosacea Support Group. Very promising and interesting discussion followed h...
Dried flower arrangement

Solstice 2020 ~ Conjunction Reflection

This year has been about losing lots, reflecting more. Yesterday Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in the canvass of space in a composition of proximity unseen since 1623. In a non-sequitur, purely coincidental revelation, 1623 was also the year the term insomnia appeared in the dictionary. In thi...

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