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Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Golden chamomile for Rosacea

Scratching the surface online, I found a lot of interesting possible natural treatments. One of them is extract from a plant called Chrysanthellum indicum which I found reading a blog post by David Pascoe who started the Rosacea Support Group. Very promising and interesting discussion followed his post by the group members. Attention piqued; I took a deeper dive into the science.

Importantly, the improvement in erythema and the overall rosacea score was significantly higher in the group treated with the cream containing the Golden Chamomile Extract. Progressive improvement during the treatment suggests that that duration of treatment beyond 12 weeks could be even more beneficial. Overall, the efficacy of golden chamomile cream was comparable to the drug metronidazole! This is very promising and very exciting news for natural skincare enthusiasts.

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